Call us on 0777 333 2764  we’re in Selby but we cover a big area!

Who we are …

We are a family run business based in Selby. Me (Ron) and my son (Charlie) are the “fixers” and my wife/secretary keeps things running smooth.

I’ve been messing with computers since the days of the Vic20 & the ZX Spectrum and over the years have gained an awful lot of knowledge about computers. Sometimes the easiest fix is just a big hammer! But other times we can get things back on their feet.

We are a friendly company, we won’t bite if you phone us with a daft question. We won’t charge to come to you as long as you live in the immediate Selby/Brayton/Thorpe area. A small charge applies for callout further than these areas.

If we come to you and actually do some repair work or advice, you will pay us £30 for the first hour and then £30 an hour after that. If we can’t manage to fix you up there probably won’t be any charge.


This is some of the stuff we do …

Computer Repair

Whatever the problem there’s a solution. From virus removal to software installation to upgrading components. We’ll even build you a brand new machine from scratch if that’s what you want. Check out our main computer repair page here.

Laptop Repair

As well as fixing software and virus problems we’ll also fix broken screens and keyboards and if possible we’ll fix broken hinges and switches as well. We can’t promise 100% to be able to fix everything as parts are sometimes hard to come by but we’ll give it our best efforts.

Our main laptop repair page is here.



If you head on over to our “Helpdesk” by clicking here you can ask us a qustion or explain your problem and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can and it won’t cost you a penny.



We realise these days that your kids (or even your grandkids) are taking over you by leaps and bounds when it comes to computers and the internet. We will teach you whatever you need to know to get upto speed with your kids.

Maybe you want to apply for that promotion but feel you need to be just that bit better with computers? We’ll help you get there.

Are you wanting to get online but don’t know how? We’ll show you how (it’s not as hard as you think).

We’ll come to you to teach you or in some cases we can teach you remotely using readily available free software.

Our tuition fees start at £30 per hour but we won’t mess about, you’ll get a solid hour of tuition (and maybe a bit more!) for your money.

Why struggle for months on end trying to teach yourself? Get yourself upto speed in no time in the comfort of your own home. We have a main tuition page here.


Network Installation

You may ask, “what’s a network”? A network, either home or business is simply two or more computers connected that can talk to each other and share things like files and printers.

Here’s an example, a family of 5 each have a computer in their rooms. One of the computers, “dads” is in the study and has all the holiday photos and videos from the last 10 years on his computer. Any of the other 4 family members can look at the photos and play the videos as though they were sat at dads computer. But in fact they are sat at their own machine.

In a small office you can share files without having to copy things to a memory stick and walk up 2 flights of stairs to let somebody else see that file. Having your computers networked allows all the employees to have access to everything they need right there on their own machine.

We have a main page about networking computers here.



We love spreadsheets! I know it sounds a bit geeky but there you have it, we love them. If you hear anyone say they are nothing but gloryfied calculators tell them to wash their mouths out with soap immediately.

Although our spreadsheet service is more aimed at businesses we will also come and teach you if you need to learn how to be a power user (say for a new job or promotion).

We can write a spreadsheet that will automate the most time consuming and mundane tasks. Imagine having to separate a list of a thousand names into first name and surname manually. I reckon a quick operator could do this in an hour. I can write you a spreadsheet (using code) that will do it in less than 5 seconds.

If you have monthly data tasks that take time (and money) then chances are we can write you a custom spreadsheet that will do the job in minutes. Freeing up yourself or your employees to work on more productive things.

See our main spreadsheet page here for more info and an example spreadsheet.


Get Online

Do you want to join the ever growing crowd that is “online”? Maybe you want to connect with old friends or keep in contact with overseas relatives. Getting online can the the cheapest and most rewarding way to do that.

What if I told you there’s free software that will allow you to have a video chat with a friend or relative in another country? Totally free and works in every country as long as you are both ‘online’. Beats running up huge international phone bills!

Learn more about getting online here.


SEO Services

SEO is an acronym fo Search Engine Optimisation. This is mainly a business thing, but the odd person will want this type of service for maybe a charity or club website.

A small business can make a lot more money by being on the 1st results page of the big search engines. People rarely go to the yellow pages these days, they go to the search engines.

We can offer a service to help you get your business on page 1 of the search results. We can’t guarantee it, but we’ll show you how we do it (and have done it) for many of our web sites.

We have a bit more info here on our main SEO page.


Website Design & Hosting

Again our website design and hosting will be more geared to businesses but that’s not to say we can’t build one for you if you want your own website.

We believe in a fair price for a fair job, and our basic 5 or 6 page website (similar to this one) will cost you £250 and then £10 a month to host it, after a free first year.

Hosting … if you have a website, you need a company to host it, it’s as simple as that. And £10 a month is pretty reasonable to host and maintain it for you.

We make all our customer websites easy to update and change. You can see a demo and more info here on our main web design page.


Call us on 0777 333 2764 … or contact us at our Helpdesk by clicking here.