About Us

Selby Computer Repair is a family run company. We like to think we come across friendly and approachable. No question is too silly, you just don’t know the answer yet. So ask us!

We will always give you our best advice for free. We won’t charge you if we can’t fix it, and we won’t charge you just to come out to you, within the Selby/Brayton/Thorpe area.

Most things are fixable but there’s a limit on how much you are willing to spend, against how much the equipment is worth. This is when things “aren’t” fixable and we won’t charge you for telling you that.

Selby Computer Repair is owned and operated by me Ron Smith, and my son Charlie. We don’t specialise in any area but have a wide knowledge of all things “computer”.

If you are reading this then maybe we’ll meet soon enough and I’ll do my best to fix your problem.

Ron & Charlie