Computer Repair

Whatever you need, we can fix it, build it, do it or advise on it!

Give us a ring (or contact us via this form … click for contact form …) and we’ll give you our best advice on whatever is bothering you. It doesn’t cost anything to call and your problem might be a really simple one that can be solved over the phone.

We can diagnose and remove those nasty little virii (plural of virus?) that seem to get past your virus software occasionally, however if you need your files saving and Windows re-installing this will cost you £70. That’s £10 to back up all your stuff and £60 to re-install windows.

We can build office systems or gaming systems or even just point you to where to get hold of a good budget computer.

If you’ve got a virus or your machine is just running dog slow then we can help. Often times £40 will get your machine running as good as it was when it came out of the box.

Maybe you don’t need a new system, maybe you just need to upgrade your old machine properly. These days you can swap your old hard drive for a SSD (Solid State Drive) and see an enormous speed boost simply because there’s no moving parts in an SSD.

Upgrading the RAM (the memory inside that holds the info while you are doing something) can be cheap and cheerful and give you a pretty good performance boost.

Running out of space for all those photos and music files? You may just need a portable hard drive for around £50. Plus you can take these things anywhere you go and still have your music & photos and they are only as big as a mobile phone.

USB 3.0 is the lastest and fastest method to transfer files from portable drives but most computers built before 2012 won’t have USB 3.0 installed. If your machine is capable, we can install a USB 3.0 add on for around £30. And that includes the parts!

Whatever you need, give us a ring on 0777 333 2764. We won’t bite and you might be surprised just how friendly we are!