Laptop Repair

The main problems with laptops are usually broken screens or keyboards. There’s no need to chuck them in the bin as these can be easily fixed in most cases.

We can stick you a new screen or keyboard in if yours is cracked or not working. Spare screens and keyboards can be sourced for “almost” all models of laptops and notebooks so no need to bin it, get it fixed!

Screen replacement starts at about £70, but this is totally dependent on how much a replacement screen is. Screens start at around the £45 mark and we’ll fit it for £25.

Keyboard replacement starts at around £30 depending again on the price of the keyboard.

We can upgrade both the memory and the hard drive capacity if yours is starting to get a bit sluggish.

Sometimes the best option for a sluggish laptop is to backup all your precious files and we’ll re-install windows for you. It’ll be just like it was when it came out of the box again!

If you need your files saving and Windows re-installing this will cost you £70. That’s £10 to back up all your stuff and £60 to re-install windows.

We can diagnose and remove those nasty little virii (plural of virus?) that seem to get past your virus software occasionally.

If you’re looking to get yourself or your kids a laptop give us a ring and we’ll give you our best advice on what to buy for your budget. You’d be surprised at some of the bargains to be had if you know where to look!

Sometimes though your problem may not fall under any of the normal problems so the best thing to do is give us a ring. Remember, it’s no fix no fee!

Whatever you need give us a ring on 0777 333 2764, we don’t bite and often times we can save you some cash.