Network Installation

Networks! Just what are networks?

Imagine having three or four computers in your home, or office, and imagine having all your music or movies or work files stored on one of those computers. Imagine being able to play you music on any of the other computers. That’s a computer network.

We can advise & set up your home or office network for you. Often the kit you need to link 3 or 4 home or office computers you will already have.

If you have a “router” that you use to connect to the internet then you have most of the kit needed. Maybe just a few cables is all that you need.

Other situations call for a bit more specialised kit, but in the main you could probably link your home or office computers for less than £100.

If all your computers are accessing the internet, then you don’t need anything else, just the network setting up. It’s not difficult at all and if you Google “home network setup” you’ll find numerous tutorials.

But, if this looks a bit too much for you then we’ll come in and do it for you. Give us a ring and we’ll be happy to give you an estimate.